Our SEO Services in Woodstock, Georgia

What internet marketing services can you provide to my local business in Woodstock?

In Georgia, there is a ton of digital marketing agencies that swear they do wonders for your business but fail to do it for their own. Many have a outdated website and not user-friendly site. Our agency focuses on local SEO and innovative web design that will drive your business more conversions, not only traffic. You need more leads. At Lead Navigate, we are business owners that live in the area and have the ability to come meet with you to discuss what we can do for your business. Contact us!

What is Local SEO?

In short, local SEO is the process of ranking your website organically on search engines such as Google. Local SEO has a geographical component to it and attracts more business from local searches in your area. For example: optimizing for “painter in Woodstock”.

What is the typical cost for SEO in Woodstock?

The cost for SEO varies based on factors such as the industry, competition, current online presence. We can update your website or make you a new one. Our services are very affordable because we recognize that we are working with small businesses and our goal is to help them and not hurt them financially.

Why does Local SEO matter to my small business?

Local SEO will matter for as long as Google and the internet are around. Most businesses that have been around for a little bit have got around with just word of mouth but are now noticing that they can scale their business to new heights by having a well optimized website and a strong online presence. It matters because you are missing out on new customers and losing them to your competitors.

With the competition in my industry in Woodstock, when can I expect to see results?

SEO is an investment and results don’t happen overnight. Generally, we believe that results are seen around 4-6months. This depends on your industry and competition. At Lead Navigate, we are honest and will let you know how long we think it will take. Once you have local SEO done, your website is a fulltime salesperson and will generate you more leads.

Are the SEO results going to be permanent once completed?

As long as your site and brand are maintained you shouldn’t lose rankings to your competitors. SEO is organic and more effective than Google Ads. With Google Ads once your campaign is over you have to pay again. For that reason, a lot of business owners are trying out local SEO.

I already have a website and Google My Business; can you help me optimize it for SEO?

Of course, If you already have a site or a GMB (Google My Business) started than we can most definitely help you with optimizing it and identifying what you need to do in order to beat your competitors. After all, we live in Woodstock and can meet you with to discuss your goals in person or via phone.